chaussette b. is a fictitious name of an artist born in 1978 in France. She currently works and lives in Hong Kong. 


After working in the retail industry in Paris and Hong Kong for 15 years, she decided to dig out all the things she never had the time to explore. 

She came up with a long list of all the interests she wanted to try out, driving a truck, learning carpentry, painting, sewing leather...

This exploration process led her by accident to photography in 2016.

Since then, she has never stopped using her camera and decided to let the accidents occurs in her life and draw her new path


Nude photography came across first, she did a lot of nude portraits at her her start, which she still continues to enjoy today along commissioned face portraits

The editing part of the photos was one of her favorite moment and she started to play around the original photographs by adding elements and create a complete different story.


Her paintography process is the combination of a large score of photographs, captured mainly in her own studio with nearby objects and part of her own body.

It is fascinating to notice what a massive amount of time and how many different tiny tasks are required to finalize each of her artworks.

She meticulously glues them together digitally, then bravely twists them to get close to the visual composition she has in mind.


By overlaying then her photographs with plain texture background photographs, her final work would sit between fashion photography and dark surrealism painting 


Thanks to her wit and sharp sense of  humour, mundane objects and simple elements of the human body turn into a final story which reveals a glimpse of bizarrerie and emotional depth.

Her poetic work is about stepping back and transforming your initial perception into something different. It tells the story of a murky rainy day ripening  into an agreeable  and calm moment thanks to gallows humor and irony. 


There is a ceremonial aspect in her way of building each piece that one can feel when gazing at her paintographies

The pleasure and the relief she gets from this technical soul soothing process is probably what involves the audience, taken aback by her cryptic work.


She has  presented her nude portraits 'la Fanf à l'air' in Hong Kong in 2018, exhibited her first paintography serie 'Cliché' in 2018 in Hong Kong

In 2019 she had exhibited 'Proud of her', an associated project with le french may art festival, followed by two exhibitions 'Moles I 'and 'Moles II

In October 2019, she had participated to Art Taipei fair

Until end of january 2020, some of her work is exhibited at Lumen in wong chunk hang  in Hong Kong, and she will be part again of the associated project of Le french May in May 2020 with  "Variation en miroir", a new serie in collaboration with german pop surrealist artist Anne Kristin Vaudour


chaussette b. 是藝名,這位藝術家於1978年在法國出生,現居香港,在此工作。
























2018年,她在香港展出人體攝影作品《一絲不掛的銅管樂隊(la Fanf à l'air)》,同年亦於香港展出了她的首個攝畫系列作品《陳腔濫調(Cliché)》。



至2020年1月底,她的部分作品正在香港黃竹坑的Lumen Design Store展出。如今她再次參加法國五月藝術節,將於2020年5月與德國流行超現實主義藝術家Anne-Kristin Vaudour合作展出系列作品《鏡像變奏曲》。

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