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chaussette b. solo exhibition

an associated project with le french may arts festival

every Friday and Saturday  by appointment

6 May -  29 May 2022

chaussette b. studio,

Pak She San Tsuen, Cheung Chau island Hong Kong

exact location send after appointment

10 min walk from the pier


2  sessions per day every Friday and Saturday 

11 am


For booking :

Whatsapp/signal +852 6622 9582


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A fascinating path in the world of alcohol moderation and sobriety
Through different media from painting to embroidery, chaussette b. shares the benefits and unexpected discoveries associated with moderation and sobriety

In this exhibition the artist explores her brain mechanisms to encourage it to break her alcohol addiction and understand the numerous neural connections associated to alcohol

By stepping into her studio located into a Cheung Chau's typical 50s house you get the opportunity to live an immersive exhibition where you can see her work-in- progress, discover how her surrounding environment shapes her art, and hear her talking about her creative process

An intimate exhibition where she presents artworks never showcased yet

在藝術家的工作室,展開一場詩意的沈浸式展覽 穿過迷醉的繪畫、刺繡、雕塑小徑,進入隱喻適度飲酒與清醒的世界。

從繪畫到刺繡,藉着不同載體,chaussette b.與你分享節制與清醒的美好,及不期而至的 發現。

此次展覽中,藝術家探索自己的大腦機制,鼓勵自己擺脫酒癮,理解無數與酒精相關的 神經連結。

她的工作室是一座典型50年代的⻑洲老屋,踏入其中, 你即可加入一場沈浸式展覽,觀察她工作的進展, 了解她所處的環境如何塑造她的藝術作品

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 12.00.47 PM.jpeg

artwork : Spring Sheets 

damaged silk scarf  and wires  coated with black oil painting/ coffee painting / black thread on second hand canvas

64X48 cm

IMG_6955 2.JPG
Snapseed 4.jpg

artwork : Gentle reminder

Acrylic and sewed dried flowers on paper mounted on wood board


JPEG image-AEA8E9E68F81-1.jpeg

artwork : HK health 

Embroidery, coffee and oil painting on pre-used canvas

103X34 cm


artwork : My alcohol diary

embroidery and coffee painting on second hand canvas 

67X58 cm


artwork : Summer fact

embroidery on second hand canvas 

76X50 cm


More new artworks to discover during this exhibition...

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Please send an e-mail or whatsapp which your day/time-slot you would like to come

Whatsapp +852 66229582


6 May -  29 May 2022 by appointment

2 opening sessions per day every Friday and Saturday 11 am & 2pm

location : chaussette b studio, cheung chau island, Hong Kong

+ One artist talk Sunday 22 May 2022 2pm /limited seats/send an e-mail or whatsapp for booking

chaussette b. Studio, Cheung Chau island Hong Kong

exact location send after registration


Free entry

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