Discovering the artist studio and showroom of chaussette b.

every friday and saturday by appointment (

Step into one of Cheung Chau’s typical 50s house for an interactive immersion in chaussette b. studio. She will let you know more about her paintography process and her  current mix media work using materials such as bamboo, steam basket, fishnet… mainly sourced locally in Cheung Chau.Around 40 artworks of chaussette b. will be exhibited during the Festival. Come discover the stories behind each of them!


Inter-islands festival 4th & 5th december 2020
Cheung Chau
2020.12.04-12.05 (Fri-Sat) 13:00-14:00; 14:00-15:00; 15:00-16:00

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Variation en miroir   Paintography & digital painting Exhibition

14th May 2020 to 14th June 2020

The Hive Spring 3F remex center Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong

an associated project of Le French May with German Digital painter Anne-Kristin Vaudour


Moles I and II  Paintography Exhibition  

dec 2019 to may 2020

Lumeun, Hong Kong

Moles I and II  Paintography Exhibition  TAIWAN

17th oct 2019 to 21st oct 2019

Art Taipei, Taiwan

Proud of Her Paintography Exhibition  HONG KONG

 27th April to 19th May 2019

Pirate Bay Cheung Chau Hong Kong

an associated project of Le French May

Moles II Paintography Exhibition  HONG KONG

9th May to 21st May 2019

PMQ S510 Central Hong Kong

an associated project with Glass sculptor Christophe Dénoux

Moles I Paintography Exhibition  HONG KONG

16th Jan  to 11th Feb 2019

the Aftermath Central Hong Kong

Cliché Paintography Exhibition  HONG KONG

16th May 2018  to 17th june 2018

Sense 99 Central Hong Kong

La fanf' à l'air  Photography exhibition  HONG KONG

7th feb 2018 -7th march 2018

The Hive and Sense 99 Hong Kong

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