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Re-Shape group Show / 20 April 2023- 1 May 2023

location :  soho house Hong Kong  22/F , 33 des voeux road West, Sheung Wan

opening hours 11:30 am -7pm

Exhibition part of The French may Arts festival

Profits go to Children of the Mekong charity organisation


2023 permanent exhibition at chaussette b.' s studio upon appointment

To book a studio tour  send an e-mail or whatsapp

+852 6622 9582


Sans Brume /solo  exhibition 6- 29 May 2022

location :  chaussette b. studio,  Pak She San Tsuen, Cheung Chau Island/ excat location send after booking

When : 6- 29 May 2022 every friday and saturday by appointment only

2 slots time per day : 11am & 2 pm

for booking send an email/or whatsapp  to   +852 6622 9582​

A fascinating path in the world of alcohol moderation and sobriety, metaphorized trough painting to embroidery to sculpture




exhibition part of Le french may arts festival

Unexpected beauty  / group show exhibition for Enfants du Mekong 28 April - 2 May 2022

location : La Galerie Paris 1839, 74 Hollywood Road Central

When : April 28th to May 2nd 10:00AM - 07:00PM  


This exhibition is an invitation to look at the things and people around us with different eyes, to detect beauty where we would not imagine it. UNEXPECTED BEAUTY gives us hope for the beauty that the world around us and our lives offer that we should all cherish, and not miss.

PAST event  'Fooling my brain'   2 July - 3 September 2021

location : chaussette b. studio,  Pak She San Tsuen, Cheung Chau Island

When : 2 July- 3 sept 2021

How to trick your brain to force it to achieve things it has not decided  to do?


In this exhibition, chaussette b works around its brain automatisms to make it do something that it would not do spontaneously.

By stepping into her studio located into a Cheung Chau's typical 50s house you get the opportunity to live an immersive exhibition where you can see her under-construction creations and see how the surrounding environment shapes her art

To have a glimpse of the exhibition :

PAST event Cheung chau wave festival 8 August -29 August 2021

Free event / walk-in accepted

25 different artists, 10 showrooms

Photography , painting, film and music festival 

location : orange building near old cheung chau cinema/search cheung chau cinema on google MAP

When : 8 Aug- 29 Aug /Every saturday and sunday 12-6pm  / free walk-in

more info



PAST Inter-islands festival 26-27-28 March  2021
Cheung Chau

During 3 days, the Inter-island Festival sails in between Peng Chau, Mui Wo, Chi Ma Wan and Cheung Chau to celebrate our dear island life. With more than 50 collaborators from these islands and beyond,  you will discover a variety of activities for everyone and dive into the local life and embrace its subtle cosiness.

PAST Variation en miroir   Paintography & digital painting Exhibition

14th May 2020 to 14th June 2020

The Hive Spring 3F remex center Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong

an associated project of Le French May with German Digital painter Anne-Kristin Vaudour


PAST Moles I and II  Paintography Exhibition  

dec 2019 to may 2020

Lumeun, Hong Kong

PAST Moles I and II  Paintography Exhibition  TAIWAN

17th oct 2019 to 21st oct 2019

Art Taipei, Taiwan

PAST Proud of Her Paintography Exhibition  HONG KONG

 27th April to 19th May 2019

Pirate Bay Cheung Chau Hong Kong

an associated project of Le French May

PAST Moles II Paintography Exhibition  HONG KONG

9th May to 21st May 2019

PMQ S510 Central Hong Kong

an associated project with Glass sculptor Christophe Dénoux 

PAST Moles I Paintography Exhibition  HONG KONG

16th Jan  to 11th Feb 2019

the Aftermath Central Hong Kong

PAST Cliché Paintography Exhibition  HONG KONG

16th May 2018  to 17th june 2018

Sense 99 Central Hong Kong

PAST La fanf' à l'air  Photography exhibition  HONG KONG

7th feb 2018 -7th march 2018

The Hive and Sense 99 Hong Kong

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